detox narcissism

How would society change if we would offer zero tolerance for toxic narcissism?

In our social structures, narcissists can accommodate really well. There are even promoted into top positions: Presidents, Head of the Board, Top Manager, Head of the head of a heady society…

But how could we change that?

How could we detox narcissists?

How can narcissists become self-aware?

How could narcissists become aware of their own toxicity that trickles through our social webs, that dominates economical and political structures and turns relations into exploitative and extractivist transactions?

Resources are stolen, extracted, depleted through narcissists.

If we want a system change, we have to get rid of those narcissists that exploit and extract; that don´t care about anything but their own comfort.

And it is not necessarily the others. It is that inner narcissist that we all have. (Because) Narcissism is a stage through which we go as humans in our relating to our environment. Somehow this stage has been disturbed and society in itself has gotten  stuck in that narcissist stage.

The mere idea of a ruler of the world seems pretty narcissistic  to me. 

Yet we shall not other the narcissist. We need to integrate our own narcissist tendencies. To become aware of what is really going on. To confront the situation with clarity. A mirror. Yet it is not enough to hold a mirror in front of a narcissist face as the narcissist will leash out as soon as he she they feels their lies are being threatened. In a world where we rather believe the projection than our inner truth  he or she is merely working with a web of lies which is made possible and enabled by our social habits.

It is difficult to cut through this web. The narcissist leashes out. He or she or they feel endangered. Wars all over the world are started by narcissists aiming for their own personal gain without any Rücksicht, without consideration for their environment, for their cohabitants. 

It is difficult to hold a mirror in front of lies, hermetically insulated against any doubt. Their lies are their armour to withstand a hostile world. Which is the wound the narcissist carries within themselves: The feeling that the world is hostile. And as they are so focussed on their appearance, on their reflection in the world they do not understand that it is that hostility within they see; that what they see is the world reflecting their inner self. 

And sometimes it seems as if the more one believes in ones own lies, the stronger one becomes — at least in relation to a hostile world. The defenses become stronger. One becomes impermeable.

So, there is this saying that in life, we want to see theater, and in theater, we want to see life.

The world is a messed up place. Generations over generations of wounds we have done to each other add up, and now we need to heal. Not only our wounds received in our lives, but also the wounds of many many lives before, the wounds that we carry, the wounds which are resonant with our wounds, the stories that have been woven and spun and believed:  What happens if we cut through this web? How to change the course?